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Fate Core Role Playing Game available at LLGC

Posted by David Whelan on Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

We are proud to announce that all 4 Lost Legion Games & Comics locations will be carrying the upcoming new Role Playing Game FATE starting with the CORE RULE SYSTEM coming soon from Evil Hat Games.  This system started with the infintely fun Dresden Files Role Playing Game! 

The hardcover rulebook will be available for $25 upon release or $22 before it’s releas date.  Beyond that, as soon as you purchase yours, even if you buy it right now, SEVERAL MONTHS BEFORE RELEASE, we can give you the rules as a digital PDF to playtest and help improve the very game you are buying.  As the rules are updated we can get the updated versions right up until the final draft where you will get the final PDF and then the hardcover rulebook!

 This system will forever be one of the ultimate roleplaying systems.  You have your D20 system from Dungeons & Dragons, then you have your D6 system from West End Games (it may not be widely used now, but it’s still one of the greats!), you’ve got your D100 engine (TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes is fantastic example), and now everyone will be playing the FATE SYSTEM!  This is the storyteller’s system if ever there was one!

Bring $22 to yourclosest LLGC (or paypal it to us, call with a credit card, passenger pigeon carrying gold, whatever ya got) and let us get you hooked up with the new FATE role playing system digital PDF and reserve your copy of a hardcopy rulebook.  Give us a call if you need any more information.

Have fun playing!


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  1. Scott Says:

    I’d like to pick up a Fate Core book and a couple of Fate Accelerated books. Can I order these online? I’m in Marietta GA.


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