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Magic The Gathering WV State Championship Oct 13, 9AM, Beckley Convention Center Meeting Hall C

Posted by David Whelan on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Saturday Oct. 13, 2012
9AM Registration, $25 entry fee
Prize pool: 2 Return To Ravnica packs per player, 8 Championship Playmats, Prestige DCI cards, free entry into all LLGC Grand Prix Trials for a year, entry into TCGPlayer.com MaxPoint $50,000 Championship, 2012 State Champion Plaque, free invitation into next year’s State Championship

Prize Payout: Depends on attendance for packs, top 8 players, plus misc. other prizes and random participation prizes

Misc. Side events forming as players are ready. Prizes for those events will vary base on the events. Feel free to bring a few different decks for several formats with you just in case there is something going on you want to play in if you aren’t playing in the main event.
Two-headed Giant Standard

We will have deck boxes, sleeves, sealed product, singles, and more available at the event for last minute scramble needs. We will also be buying and/or trading some singles at the event.

    Lastly, we could use another lvl 2 judge at the event if anyone is a lvl 2 judge and wants to help. Contact me directly for details and comp for the event if you are a lvl 2 or higher judge and want to work the event.

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