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Lost Legion: the Rifleman Upcoming Magic Events

Posted by JB on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

 Jan 28th: 1:00pm Dark Ascention Pre-Release and Jan 29th: 1:00pm Dark Ascention Pre-Release (Subject to Product Availability); Come by for this sealed event, the Dark Ascention Pre-Release! This is your first Opper…tunity to check out Dark Ascention, the newest Magic Release! Sunday will also be sealed and is subject to product availability. Call us Saturday evening, Jan 28th to find out more.

Feb 3:  6:30pm Dark Ascention Launch Party! Dark Ascention League Launch! The official launch of Dark Ascention brings us both the official Launch Party as a series of Drafts beginning at 6:30pm and the launch of the Dark Ascention League!

Feb 11th: 10:00am Grand Prix Trial Nashville and 5:00pm GPT Indianapolis; A day to mark down on your calandar! We will be holding Grand Prix Trials all day, starting at 10:00am with a standard GPT: Indy. Following at 5:00pm, we will be holding a sealed GPT: Nashville! Be sure to come down for a day of quality magic!

Feb 25: 4:00pm Dark Ascention Game Day; Try out your standard deck against the best in the area! Special Game Day foils will be available for the top 8 and a full art participation prize will also be available!

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