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Fall of Mirrodin Cube Draft Event Sunday June 26th at The Castle in Beckley

Posted by David Whelan on Monday, May 30th, 2011

Fall of Mirrodin

Cube Draft Event

When:  Sun. June 26th  2:00pm, registration begins at 1:00 pm

Where: Lost Legion Games & Comics, The Castle in Beckley

Cost: $25 (you keep all cards you draft)

Event details:  This tournament will feature re-constructed packs of cards from both previous Mirrodin Blocks (as well as some surprises) which players will draft from.  These packs will showcase abilities like Infect, Sunburst, Entwine, Affinity, various Phyrexian mechanics, and all the best equipment.  These packs will not be lame, jankster packs and will include the best commons and uncommons (like Loxodon Warhammer, Go for the Throat, and Beast Within), as well as guaranteed copies of the hottest rares and mythics like Batterskull, Karn, Liberated, the Swords, and Stoneforge Mystic.  This will provide you an opportunity to get older, hard to find cards from the previous Mirrodin block, get a guaranteed shot at some of the most valuable Standard cards, and play in a fun, powerful, unique limited environment.  After drafting players will play in a Swiss style tournament to determine the winners.  There will be a strict limit of 24 players for this event.

Prizes:  1st place will receive a sealed box of From the Vault Relics, while 2nd through 4th will receive pack prizes based on attendance.

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