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The Day After Free Comic Book Day event is here

Posted by David Whelan on Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day so today is obviously the Day After Free Comic Book Day. 

In honor of the Day After Free Comic Book Day the mother’s union of America decided to have Mother’s Day today as well.  Isn’t that sweet of moms everywhere?!  Well. don’t make those moms’ efforts be for nothing.  Go to your local-est LLGC and participate in some of our great Day After Free Comic Book Day events. 

Like the Magic: The Gathering prerelease of New Phyrexia at The Rifleman in Charleston and The Keep in Princeton, both kicking off at noon today.  Your mom loves you and wants you to enjoy yourself and would be offended and feel guilty if you ignored all this fun and claimed doing so in her name!  You don’t wnat your mom to feel bad do you?   Of course not!  Come play some games then!!

We also still have some FCBD comics we can give out.  And now that it is AFTER FCBD you can use the coupon you picked up at your local movie thatre when you went to see Thor since it was redeemable AFTER FCBD.

Check back here often.  We have some new specials and sales coming up that are going to remind you why we love our comic and game fan friends that help keep us running here at Lost Legion Games & Comics.

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