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Warhammer 40K Team Tournament at the Rifleman

Posted by JB on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Lost Legion: the Rifleman will be holding a Warhammer 40K Team Tournament on Saturday, Feb 5, 2011. Teams will consist of two members, each with 1500 points. Teams must choose one race or two races that are NOT hated enemies (see Warhammer 40K:Apocalypse pg.198) and build two 1500 point armies. It is recommended that teams be created and built before the tournament, but if you do not have a partner, email me at cynne13@gmail.com and I will try to put you in touch with another person who needs a teammate. Standard force construction rules apply for both 1500 point armies and points may not be traded, given, or shared.

During the game, allies will be considered to be friendly to one another. This means that models and wargear with a radius effect or a game effect will consider all units on the side to be friendly. Wargear like teleport homers can be used by either ally as long as all other conditions are met.

Any other questions should be directed to me at the email above.

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