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Charcon Circuit 40k coverage from Princeton

Posted by admin on Monday, December 20th, 2010

Greetings from Princeton, Everyone.

We had 12 in Attendance today for the “big” Warhammer 40k Tourney.  Be Sure to look below the photo coverage for the tournament wrapup.

Here’s the metagame breakdown:

3 Space Marines (1 Black Templars , 1 Dark Angels Ravenwing, and 1 codex marines [salamanders] w/landspeeders)

2 Tyranids (1 Genestealer/Brood, 1 Tyrannofex/Genestealer )

2 Orks (1 Green Tide, 1 SpeedTide)

2 Dark Eldar (1 Lance-a-Lot, 1 Voidraven)

1 Chaos Space Marines (Deathguard+Lash Prince)

1 Eldar (firedragon/Fuegan)

1 Tau (Farsight/Crisis Suit)

And Here’s The Rankings :

Soupy – Black Templars

2 Brandon Akers – Dark Eldar

3 Jay Hazelwood -Orks

4 Randy Murphey – Space Marines

5 Drew Wallace – Chaos Marines

6 Johnathan Rose – Tyranids

7 Tony Booton – Tau

8 Ryan Blankenship – Orks

9 Justin Perdue – Tyranids

10 Josh Roberts – Eldar

11 John Crawford – Dark Angels

12 Sam Terry – Dark Eldar

I would like to thank all the players for coming out and having a solid day of gaming, and encourage everyone to come out next time for some more futuristic doom.

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2 Responses to “Charcon Circuit 40k coverage from Princeton”

  1. Jonathon Rose Says:

    Hey, I had a great time playing 40k with all you Princeton guys! Congrats to Soup for winning, and thanks to the employees for running a great tournament!

  2. Brandon A Says:

    Great job everyone! Was a fun tourney and everyone was very sportsmanlike. Thanks for running it Zack.

    Randy is a bully…

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