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Revised Rifleman Magic: the Gathering League Rules

Posted by JB on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Our in store Magic League is a wonderful opportunity for us to get together when we have time and play decks that even the playing field. This is a great format for people who like a sealed environment but want room for their deck to grow. This gives us an environment more competitive than normal casual play but more relaxed than Friday Night Magic. Please read the rest for more information.

Corrections, changes and updates are bolded.

When: You can come into the store at anytime and request your deck to play against other league members. Often you will find others to dual against on Tuesday and Friday nights before tournaments start. Our official league night is on Wednesdays. Feel free to use our online resources to plan get-togethers with other members, call the store and see who else is there, or just drop by and see what employees if any are able to play. The only restriction is that you cannot play the same League member twice in a row.

Where: LLGC, The Rifleman, 419 Virginia Street West, Five Corners, Charleston, WV 25302. (304) 205-7919. We can freely play at any of the tables.

Cost: It costs 25 dollars to enter the League for this season. New seasons start with new releases.

Format: It is very much like a sealed tournament. You receive 6 booster packs to make your deck with. The deck must contain at least forty cards but may contain up to sixty. All other cards are considered to be your side deck. Basic lands will be lent to you from the store, though you may use your own if you choose. Deck changes may be made between game using cards from your sideboard. Cards do NOT need to be swapped out on a one for one basis and your deck may be drastically redesigned between any games.

Play: When you dual against someone you do the traditional best two of three. If you lose you receive one point, if you win you receive two points and if there is a draw due to time both players receive one point. All Players begin at Tier One.

Points: When a player reaches ten points they may purchase a new booster pack to enhance their deck. When a player reaches 15 points they will be awarded a foil card that can be added to their deck. When a player has added 3 packs to their deck (i.e. at 30 points) they become tier 2. At 6 packs (60 points) a player becomes tier 3.

Tiers: The tier system is a way to help people who enter a season late, do not have many opportunities to play or honestly got boosters that limited what they could make for a deck. If you play a person of one higher tier than you and they win they receive only one point for the win. If you play someone one tier higher than you and you win you receive 3 points. Players more than one tier apart may not get points for playing.

Scores: Just let whoever is working know the outcome of your game. They will record it for you. Scores will listed on this site in the future as well.

DCI: The games we play in league do not affect your DCI ratings as they are casual get-togethers, not sanctioned events. At the start of each new season if we set a start date and have enough participants we can sanction it as a sealed constructed event. This is the only exception.

Special: League decks should be kept in deck boxes or other efficient storage and must be labeled with your name and something to indicate what it is, such as ISML (In store Magic League). As league decks can get large it is not a bad idea to have two and label one as main deck and the other as your side. The decks are kept at the store so that they may not be altered. You may get your deck at any time by asking an employee to grab it for you. Lands and borrowed tokens are returned at the end of the season or as tweaks are made to your deck. Please remember that they are borrowed, not given.

Prizes: In addition to prizes you receive from points we will attempt to give out additional prizes at the end of each season. These will be based on the number of players in the League. Boosters received in this way can go for the creation of your next league deck. Additional rewards are in the works and will be listed soon!

Playoffs: Playoffs will only happen at an in store level to determine the top players if needed. Our store has issued a challenge to the other existing stores. Our best players opposed to theirs. The most central of all stores is the Beckley store and is where we will hold it. Prizes will be given out but the best prize will be the bragging rights that I hope our store will get when we storm The Castle and The Keep.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. What if I want to use my own basic lands? A. Feel free to use your favorite basic lands. Just change them out in front of us.

Q. Can we trade cards with other League Members? A. No. Trading is not allowed. It disqualifies you.

Q. What expansions can we use? A. Only the newest expansion at this point and time.

Q. What if I think my deck is unplayable? A. You can either ask other magic players to look at it and give advice, you can start over with a new set of boosters or stick it out until you can add more cards. If it is really bad please show JB.

Q. What if I get cards that I want to use in normal play? A. The cards that you open are yours. you may take any or all cards from your deck home at any time, though any card that you remove can never be replaced.

Q. Why do people at the Rifleman get six boosters and not five like the other stores? A. I messed up and forgot the other stores are using a five start.

Q. What is coming up in Season 2? A. The initial deck will start at 5 packs, not 6. In addition, there will be special faction war rules in effect with each aligned deck fighting to either keep the store Myrran or Phyrexian. Stay tuned for these special rules.

Q. What happens to my score if I want to take my deck home and make a new one? A. Your score and tier reset.

I really hope to see  many of you come down and have fun.

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